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I rarely feel sexual attraction to someone and the two times I have it's been a very small bit. I'm not interested in sex except for a couple times and even then only the thought is interesting and it's something I want to do just because it's INTERESTING but there's no 'electricity' or 'pull'. I'm so fucking confused by this whole thing.


I think “idfk” should be a sexuality. it encompasses all that have no idea and/or do not give a crap because sexuality is confusing and who the f knows what they are feeling 100% of the time anyways.

besides that. I think the grey area of sexuality could be the area for you.


*gets gay married during the purge*

Okay time to go to bed now.  Hopefully I sleep tonight.

But also my core is really sore because I used it a lot today during work and wow.  Idk how I won the contest.  I was shaking after like 10 seconds.
  Because I did a lot of physical labor today.

The hurt feels so good.

I want to point out today that someone said they had the best core strength out of a group of us and a dude was like “No [Ozzie] does” and they argued and we had a contest and I won.


and he knew it.  Because reasons. o3o

I think it’s really easy to tell ourselves that alcohol makes us make bad decisions - that’s what media tells us to believe, anyway,  Barring situations of rape, abuse, etc., we’re told that we make bad decisions when we’re drunk (as I do NOT believe that we make those ‘decisions’ - people force them on us)…. but that they can be fun.

For me, alcohol has been a means to lower the inhibitors that I feel prevent me from living the way I wish I could.  Have I made decisions I regret while drunk?  Sort of….

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so in iron man 2

a little boy in an iron man helmet tries to shoot one of the rampaging suits with his lil toy flight stabilizers

in spider-man 2

a little boy puts on his spiderman suit and stands up against the rhino

that’s great for all the little boys in the theater, but you know what I want?

i want a little girl to help the heroes

i want a six-year old redhead to kick nat’s gun to her

i want a twelve-year old with braces and a lisp to shake cap back to consciousness

i want a nine-year old latina girl to take clint by the hand and walk him down unfamiliar streets back to the main fight

i want a sixteen-year old black girl to kick an enemy in the back of the knees to save sam wilson

because girls are sitting in that audience too

and they deserve to see that


It’s a shiny conspiracy  (°ロ°)☝




Convertible Futon / Bunk Bed

Make guests look forward to sleeping on the couch. This futon converts into a bunk bed in about five steps. Sold on BonBon.

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Only in denim, not orange.