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*weeps softly because this is my current reality*


*weeps softly because this is my current reality*

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"i can see your bra" good. its cute and i paid $50 for it.

woah! are bras really that expensive??

oh hun

Pokeddexy Challenge(in October):
Day 2: Favorite Dark Type

Kids, it’s sometimes possible to think you’re doing just fine in life. And then someone opens your eyes a little bit, and you realize your whole world is off-balance. Out of whack. Crooked.

—Future Ted, How I Met Your Mother S03E12


my favorite thing about writing is coming up with an entire storyline and characters and setting in my head and not writing it down

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I applied to two jobs! *confetti*



Self care 101 

Okay reblogging this again because this scene literally changed my life

southpawscopic said: Maybe a therapist with a different style would work better for you? It sounds like your therapist is more psychodynamic, but you might do better with more structured therapy, like CBT or even DBT (DBT focuses on emotions as well as thought processes)

Yeah…  I think CBT would be best, but the downside is that my insurance plan isn’t terribly common in NYC, and there are only a handful of therapists that accept it.  I figured I would give him a try since he was the most convenient (the VAST majority of others are up in Queens, and from where I am in Brooklyn that is a huge annoyance commute-wise).

I also just don’t know how to actually BREAK UP WITH A THERAPIST.  I’m far too meek. o3o